useless things ♥ papernstitch

Just a quick update about my useless things
the shop is now online on papernstitch!
thanks a lot to Brittni and Jeff
…another good news is that my Haru rings
was featured last friday on the frontpage of Etsy
i’m so happy about the great feedback received…thanks to all!
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New Shop!

My new Useless Things Shop on Etsy is finally online!
Never-ending content shape and material recycling revolution. Handmade by Chiba with love. Ingredients: refuse, irony. ::

Wrong direction

Chiba, Wrong direction, 2009
assemblage, small objects installation @ Okidokigallery until 7 november
OKIDOKIGALLERY Allerstr 38, 12049 Berlin ::

Come fare un amico

spirito di osservazione e qualche cianfrusaglia (reuse!) per creare in 3 mosse un nuovo amichetto…
imagination and waste material to create a new friend in 3 steps

Teoria e tecnica dell'artista di merda
a cura di Claudio Morici
Valter Casini Editore
Roma 2004.